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Contractor Testimonials

  • Brunel really looks after their contractors. They are a great company to work for. Great communication - always there when I need them.

    Terry Simpson - ExxonMobil contractor
  • Working with Brunel has been fantastic. It is great to see a company actually go the extra mile to ensure the happiness of it's contractors rather than the other way around. From the onset, Brunel has been excellent in communicating, lenient during the transition process, accommodating to the influx of new people into your existing base, and understanding of my needs and abilities.

    David Sommer - ExxonMobil contractor
  • Brunel is an awesome company to work for. Great communication. Great benefits. Great teams.

    Matt Sanchez - contractor
  • Staff is always eager to please!

    Howard Freund - ExxonMobil contractor
  • My time with Brunel has been not only been great but has also helped me develop into a better manager. From employee engagement, safety, client and vendor relations Brunel always provides the highest level of professionalism. The staff at Brunel are highly knowledgeable in contractor management and keep an open line of communication between contractors, employees, clients and vendors. Brunel's partnership over the last several years has helped me create lasting relationships in the mining industry that I will likely use for the remainder of my career.

    Shane Wells - Rio Tinto contractor

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