Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Nurturing Growth. Smashing Targets. 

RPO. What is it and why you need it?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing happens when an organization outsources all or part of the recruitment function.

Companies use RPO to improve business performance through recruitment process and metrics.

When organizations are ramping up but need to focus on their core business, RPO supports commercial growth by delivering the talent needed.


Do you control your talent pipeline? Or do urgent hiring needs control you? Unreliable hires waste time and cost money. Who can afford that? 

The people in your organization are your most important asset. For your business to reach its full potential you need skilled and motivated people.  

When your company is anticipating growth, you need hiring processes to deliver on those goals. 


The people in your company define you as an organization. Let us help you find the people who will drive your success.

Jaime Alvarez, RPO Director - Brunel

Why RPO?

A recruitment provider must be scalable and flexible enough to respond to your needs. We know that in recruitment money is being wasted all the time. We want you to keep that cash. Save time. Spend less. It’s really that simple. Our RPO model tracks industry benchmarking, maps talent, and uncovers hiring insights to support better decisions. From workforce planning to succession planning and retention, Brunel’s RPO delivers transparency and efficiency with cost savings – and we’ll teach your people so that you keep the expertise for your future.

More than 60% of our customers admit to being reactive instead of proactive. Our approach will help you set realistic goals and milestones based on market trends and forecasting. Stop reacting and start acting.

It’s time to invest in your own corporate culture. We strategize around your values to ensure we hire people who are right for your business.

With 100+ offices in over 40 countries, we are internationally accessible. Our global reach and local expertise means we can find the best talent anywhere in the world.

Is Diversity, Equality and Inclusion part of your hiring strategy? If not, it should be. Everyone is struggling to find their path and change the status quo. Our tailored focus on DE&I hiring can help you identify your own challenges and adapt to a more inclusive culture.

We're here to help you through your journey.

There’s no compromise on finding the best hire. Just direct, proactive results.

Map out your talent pipeline and improve the quality of your hires today!

Connect with Jaime today and learn how RPO can help you achieve your 2021 hiring goals.

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