Gastech 2019 Insights

Last Month our Sales and Recruitment team exhibited at Gastech, the largest global LNG, gas and energy conference.  LNG was the main topic at Gastech, from its vital role to energy demand and companies environmental impact, it was clear that liquefied natural gas was on everyone's minds.

It's no surprise since the US is currently the third largest exporter of natural gas in the world and expected to the leading exporter of natural gas by 2020. With growth comes challenges; some of the short-term concerns are for the second wave of US LNG projects. One impact is the global LNG demand coming from Asian buyers. With access to cheap shale gas, the US is well placed to meet this demand but tariffs, financing and labor skill shortages still pose a threat to demand. 

Our global Oil and Gas team works on some of the largest LNG projects, from the Gulf Coast to Singapore, we provide our clients with tailored workforce solutions to help them deliver efficient results. 

Learn how Brunel can support your LNG workforce needs for a streamlined recruitment process. 


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