2019 Brunel Internship Program Recap

2019 Brunel Internship Program

It was an exciting summer at Brunel Houston. We launched our first internship program with three eager participants, Christina Karastamatis, Kathryn Haring and Hunter Nessen.

“An Intern Program was perfect for Brunel this year – we have ambitious expansion plans for the business and we’ve introduced a range of technologies to support our activities – the interns were offered demanding roles with the opportunity to gain experience of real-life situations and tasks using the latest tools in the industry” said Jeremy Hill, Senior Recruitment Manager.

Over the course of the summer each intern worked with a designated manager on a different side of the business. All the interns were inducted through Brunel’s new employee training scheme, learning about the company and gaining an appreciation of the culture and expectations of daily office operations (from receiving vendor quotes, attending networking events to even singing Happy Birthday along with the rest of the team).

The interns were given a cross functional workload, covering digital marketing, event management and candidate attraction. Their day to day duties encompassed a well rounded agenda. We offered a Google Analytics training as part of their internship to highlight the results of some of the campaigns they worked on and introduced Google as a key marketing tool.  “This was the first time I’ve applied the theory to a real-life situation. It was fascinating to see people navigating the website in real-time” said Kathryn Haring. 

Kathryn joined Sophy Ashworth in the Talent Acquisition team targeting candidates through a range of channels. She came to us from Houston Baptist University with a degree in Marketing.  “Kathryn has made a real difference to the volume and speed of our online job postings’ said Sophy Ashworth, adding “we’re accelerating the growth of our resume database thanks to Kathryn.”

Hunter, a Sales major at Baylor University, worked in the Sales and Recruitment Department with our head recruiter, Jeremy Hill. Jeremy stated, “Hunter really jumped right in, from administrative tasks such as formatting resumes, right through to pre-screening candidates and setting up meetings with potential clients”. For Hunter the benefits have been both professional and personal. “I spent a lot of time reading resumes and learning what hiring managers are looking for – it’s made a real difference to how I’ll prepare my own resume once I’ve graduated”. 

Christina, a Mass Communications major at Sam Houston State University, worked with our Regional Marketing Manager, Marie Quinones. “Christina played a major role in the success of several large events this summer.  She helped with preparation, set-up and day of event coordination. She successfully managed multiple tasks simultaneously with enthusiasm. Christina was a great asset," stated Marie.  In addition to events, Christina was involved in the testing and launch of the new Brunel USA website.

The program was intended to give college students the opportunity to get real world experience as they assisted Brunel staff in their daily roles. Their experience in Brunel’s office environment has given them new skills that can be translated to their future careers, as well as the chance to experience different aspects of marketing and sales – plus a reference to add to their resumes.

On behalf of Brunel, we wish all our interns well in their future endeavors and hope that they use the skills they cultivated during their internship to further their career goals.  Good luck Christina, Kathryn and Hunter!

{Pictured below: Christina Karastamatis (left), Kathryn Haring (center) and Hunter Nessen (right)}.

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