Insights from Gastech 2019

2019 Gastech Insights

September 2019 saw Brunel’s Sales and Recruitment team exhibit at Gastech, the largest global LNG, gas and energy conference. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) was the main topic at Gastech; from energy demand to investment and gas sales, it was clear that LNG was on everyone's mind.

The LNG demand

The US is currently the third exporter of natural gas in the world (and expected to be the #1 exporter of natural gas by 2020). With growth comes challenges. Short-term concerns have been expressed for the second wave of US LNG projects. With plenty of deposits of cheap shale gas, the US is well placed to meet future demand, but issues such as tariffs, financing and labor skill shortages pose a tangible threat to profitable production. 

How are companies tackling these challenges?

Companies are rethinking the construction of the next generation of LNG projects in America by addressing project size, cost and labor shortage. A variety of solutions is in progress including, Modular Construction – the idea of using factory-produced pre-engineered building units that are built in an offsite fabrication yard then delivered to site and assembled. 

Paul Varello (President and CEO of Commonwealth LNG) states in an article in Gastech Insights, "By utilizing a modular approach on our Commonwealth LNG Project, we expect to transfer approximately 70% of construction work hours from the field to offsite fabrication yards. Having fewer workers on-site will also have the benefit of decreasing the impact on the local community and its infrastructure."  He also notes, "While labor costs in offsite fabrications yards will be less expensive that in the field. When all costs are considered, modular construction is still significantly less expensive than field construction."

Moving forward

For the next generation of LNG projects, we need to focus on efficiency, just like any other oil and gas project efficiency helps to minimize impact and mitigate risk.  

At Brunel, our Oil and Gas teams work on some of the World’s largest LNG projects. Brunel provides clients with tailored workforce solutions to deliver efficient, cost effective results worldwide. Brunel also provides construction and maintenance services from our fabrication shops in Texas, supporting projects across North and South America. 

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