2020 U.S. Mining Labor Outlook

Salary benchmarking and industry insights from mining experts

We have partnered with CostMine to bring you the 2019 results for the U.S. Mine salaries, wages and benefits survey. We surveyed 150 mines in 39 U.S. states, representing over 36,000 mine employees. The survey contains results from U.S. metal, industrial mineral, aggregate and coal mines.

This survey is designed to provide current information for estimating labor costs for new projects and to provide comparative information for establishing wages and benefit plans for new and existing operations.

Stay competitive on compensation and benefits with the latest edition of the 2020 U.S. Mining Labor Outlook. 


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When you work in the business it's easy to forget how much data you have access too.

  • With labor costs accounting for 30-50% of the operating cost of a mine, the industry is highly dependent on finding and retaining the right people. In partnering with CostMine we were able to drill down and explore salaries, wages and benefits held by those working in the industry. Our goal is help to you navigate this highly competitive landscape, where technical expertise is at a premium.

    Beth Bowen - President, Brunel Americas
  • CostMine offers a unique perspective to the compensation practices in the mining industry. From benefits to wages and salaries, our compensation surveys provide employers with the data they need to retain their highly skilled staff.

    Jennifer Leinhart - President, InfoMine USA, Inc.

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